Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tennessee 2009

The end!

On our way home, We were able to stop in St. Louis and tour the Gateway Arch. My kids loved it. It was a fun ending to a wonderful and much needed vacation. Thank you Aimee and Mike for everything. We love you guys!

And then there was more fun......

I don't know why but I have an obsession with wars. The Civil War, World War 1 and World War 2. So it was awesome to be able to go and see Civil war sights in Tennessee.

Fun cont....

This is a hotel in Opryland called the Gaylord Hotel. It had four or five rainforests inside. The water in the rainforests and waterfalls came from all over the world.

This was one of the funnest things we did. Opryland has a mall that has a place called StingRay Reef. We were able to feed the Rays. It was so much fun and so funny. My kids are so brave. I refused to feed them.

Fun things we did in Tennessee

We love the library so we went to tha library in Frranklin. It was cool. They had a huge section for the kids. They had computers for them to play games and read books on. My kids loved it. Even S got into it

We went swimming almost every day. My kids should be fish. They couldn't get enough.


My kids and I had the opportunity to travel to Tennessee. We left on July 2 and stayed until July 17. We had so much fun with Aimee and her awesome family. We love you guys and miss you already. These are just a few pictures of Aimee's cute kids.

This is K's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Lovell. I also had a good opportunity to get to know her. She is a fun person, K loved her and is going to miss her. I am one of those moms who gets involved in school. I love to help the teachers and my kids love it when I come. So needless to say I also get emotionally attached to their teachers as well. The end of the year is just as hard on me as my kids. I know I am weird.

Monday, July 20, 2009

J's second grade teacher, Mrs. Brewer

I had the great opportunity to get to know Mrs. Brewer really well. I helped her every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I really enjoyed helping her with whatever she needed. J loved having me there to help too!

T's second grade teacher, Mrs. Pepper

I am very lucky that my kids have gotten exceptionally awesome teachers. Again it is amazing that my boys get put into the class that will be the best for them


K had the opportunity with her friend k to learn and perform a dance at a Taylorsville High School football half time. She had so much fun. Who knows maybe she will take after me, Cheerleading and Dance. I have such beautiful girls. I love them.

S's new haircut

I love S's hair cut short.

J's first grade teacher

J's first grade teacher was equally amazing. Funny how each of my boys got put into the class they needed to be in. Miss Dalgleish is an amazing lady. I enjoyed her just as much as J. He also enjoyed going to school everyday. I too developed a great relationship with her. K is also going to have her for first grade. She is excited and so am I

T's First grade teacher

T's first grade teacher was amazing. Miss Petersen did so much for T. He loved going to school each day. I became really good friends with her. She moved to Las Vegas and I miss her alot. She is an amazing person and I am fortunate to know her. Love ya Ray!
Okay, So it has been awhile! I have the internet and I am going to start updating regularly. Life has been crazy the past year. K graduated from preschool and T & J finished first grade. K started kindergarten and T & J started second grade. S has just been hanging out at home being S.