Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am hoping to be better at keeping up my blog now that we are in Pitt. We shall see. We left Utah on Thursday August 12 and drove to Des Moines Iowa. We arrived there at 4 in the morning. We found a hotel and decided to stop so we could sleep comfortably for at least 4 hours. We left Des Moines at about 11 on Friday and drove to Toledo Ohio to stay with my Aunt. We stayed in Toledo until Monday morning. While we were in Toledo we had the opportunity to spend Saturday evening with my sister Pam. Pam lives with her dad in Toledo. At the age of 6 she had a stroke that left her mentally handicapped. She is such a smart and beautiful person. We took her shopping and went to dinner at Tony Packos, a delicious hot dog place. Pam has a big crush on Doug. She wanted a picture with just him.

We left Toledo on Monday at about 11. We drove to kirtland and toured the LDS sights there. We weren't able to visit the temple because the last tour is at 4:30 and we arrived at 4:45. We are going to go back someday to see the temple. We arrived in Pittsburgh at 10:00 that night. We were able to tour the house we are renting and it made feel better about being here. Finally everything is unpacked and it is starting to feel like home. I haven't had a chance to sit and take a breather. So when that opportunity finally comes I will be able to deal with the emotions that I know will be rearing their ugly head. I still have my days or part of the day that is hard but I am hoping they will start to become less and less as I get involved with the kids school and the other Awesome dental wives that I have met. I know that they will be a great strength to me these next four years! I am so thankful that we have this opportunity to be here and that Doug has the opportunity to go to Dental school. It has been a long time coming. We are so blessed