Thursday, November 18, 2010


My boys have been making me laugh all week. First J with his axe and now T with this story. Yesterday was my birthday and after I picked the kids up from school I had to run some errands. Well on our way I told the kids we needed to call Aimee to wish her a Happy Birthday! T looks at me and says " It is Aimee's birthday too?" "Yes", I told him. "Aimee and I are twins so her birthday is the same day as mine." " You are?" T asked. All these years and he never knew that I had a twin sister. You made my day T. Love Ya!


J is a stinky kid. I don't mean to be rude but he has B.O. so bad that I can't have him sit by me because it makes me sick. I tell him to put deoderant on everyday but being a nine year old boy, he doesn't listen. Well the other day before school I told J to put deoderant on so he proceeded to use T's. It is "Axe" deoderant. Anyway when I went to pick them up from school he told me that one of K's friends likes him. Cool J! He told me it was because he was wearing "AXE" and now all the girls like him. I was laughing so hard. I had to go to Walmart and I told J to pick out some deoderant. He did and guess what he picked. You guessed it "AXE". Now he says more girls will like him. I love you J!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pennsylvania VS Utah

Pennsylvania and Utah could not be more different. Here is a list of differences

Pennsylvania- Actual men ride on the garbage truck and pick up the garbage.
Utah- A truck picks up the garbage.

PA- Traditional school
Utah- Year round

PA-You can go as fast or as slow as you want, even in front of a police officer and they don't notice. Hey, you don't even have to completely stop at a stop sign! ( of course I always completely stop)
Utah- You get pulled over for looking at a police officer wrong!

PA- Trick or treating is done only for an hour and a half. An alarm sounds at 6:00 and every one starts trick or treating. At exactly 7:30 the alarm sounds again and trick or treating is done.
Utah- You get trick or treaters until at least 10:00 pm

PA- A very loud alarm sounds for every emergency. And it stays on for at least 5 minutes. Not lowering in sound at all. (annoying)
Utah- Sometimes you don't even know there is an emergency until you are practically on top of it. No annoying alarm.

PA- There is a park on almost every corner
Utah- One or two parks for a huge neighborhood

PA- Normally not alot of snow. Last year doesn't count because that was not normal.
Utah- Lots of snow, which I am going to miss cause I love it so so so much!

PA- Only about 100 peoplwin my branch
Utah- Way more than 100 in the ward

PA- Aimee, Alex, Cori, Amber, Cybill, Jamie, Nicole, Helena, Robyn, Jeannie.
Utah- My family ( in laws too!) Rachel, Marie, Marina, Melanie, Toni, Kristi, Rhiannon, Brenda, Kimberly, Jeri.

PA- No mountains
Utah- Mountains, Mountains, Mountains, Oh how I love Thee!!!!

PA- Hills, Hills, and more hills, and the roads go every which way. Your on one street and you go around a bend and poof you are on another street. So confusing
Utah- The grid! Give me an address and I can find it. North to South roads and East to West roads.

PA- Rental house
Utah- My house! (that I loved)

PA- My husband and kids
Utah- No husband and kids

PA- Dental school
Utah- No dental school

There are pros and cons in each place. I love Utah and miss it so much but you know what I am starting to like Pittsburgh. A couple of weeks ago I would have never said that but I am saying it now. This is home for the next four years!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


I don't know if it is because we are in a new place or what but S can not let me leave her sight. Every five minutes if she can't find me she yells for me. I answer her and she says " I love You." I think she is just trying to see if I am still here. So I get told I love you every five minutes. Don't get me wrong I love to hear it but it makes me wonder why she is so scared that I am going to leaver her. A little story, The other day I was down in the basement doing laundry, I could hear her yelling for me at least five times. I answered her at least five times, I guess she didn't hear me. I went back upstairs and couldn't find her. I went outside and there she was going to our landlords house crying. I yelled for her and she came back. She thought I had left her all alone. I would never do that. She asked where I was and I told her I was down stairs. I asked her if she checked downstairs. No! I told her next time she can't find me to look downstairs. Sure enough if she can't find me she goes down stairs. I am not always down stairs but she makes sure she looks there before she freaks out. Oh how I love my Siciboo!!!!!!