Sunday, September 19, 2010

S's 1st day of Preschool

I can not believe it. My baby has started school. Well she isn't a baby but you know what I mean. S goes to school Mon, Wed, and Fri from 9:00-11:30 and she loves it. Her cousin P is in her class. She started Sept 10and boy was that a hard day. I was so sick and I was sending my baby to school. What a day. I love you so much S!!!!!

Labor Day weekend!!!

Labor Day weekend was so much fun because Aimee and her kids came up for the weekend to be with us. I have missed living close to Aimee and her family and now we are about 8 hours from each other. It has made this move that much easier knowing she is so close. That weekend was so fun. She got in on Friday night. My kids and her kids were crazy excited to see each other. It took us quite awhile to get them settled down and ready for bed. Saturday we got up and went to Schenley Park. We all had a blast. The kids favorite thing at this park is the Merry go round. It made me sick just to watch them. But they loved it.

A And S have become the best of friends. They follow each other everywhere. I love it.

All my kids are monkeys!!! T, J , And K love the monkey bars.

But this is the real MONKEY!!! Love Ya Aimee

We had so much fun at the park. It was a cold day but we had a blast. Even Aimee and I were able to play a bit!!!

The boys even got in a little Guitar Hero. They rocked it! Over all Labor Day weekend was a blast.

Thanks Aimee for driving up here and making this weekend Awesome!!! Love You!!!

1st Day of School in Pitt!!!!

T, J, and K started school on August 26. I think they were a little nervous but I was alot more nervous. Their school is an old three story building with no air conditioning. I had a little anxiety because this was so so different then what we were used to. I dropped them off, yes I drive them to school. I don't have the luxury of the school being across the street anymore. I was anxious for them to get home to see how their first day went. Did they like it? Did they hate it? When they came out they all were excited and said they loved it. Thank goodness. It helps me to know that they have made friends and are enjoying school. That was one of my main worries when we decided to move.