Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pennsylvania VS Utah

Pennsylvania and Utah could not be more different. Here is a list of differences

Pennsylvania- Actual men ride on the garbage truck and pick up the garbage.
Utah- A truck picks up the garbage.

PA- Traditional school
Utah- Year round

PA-You can go as fast or as slow as you want, even in front of a police officer and they don't notice. Hey, you don't even have to completely stop at a stop sign! ( of course I always completely stop)
Utah- You get pulled over for looking at a police officer wrong!

PA- Trick or treating is done only for an hour and a half. An alarm sounds at 6:00 and every one starts trick or treating. At exactly 7:30 the alarm sounds again and trick or treating is done.
Utah- You get trick or treaters until at least 10:00 pm

PA- A very loud alarm sounds for every emergency. And it stays on for at least 5 minutes. Not lowering in sound at all. (annoying)
Utah- Sometimes you don't even know there is an emergency until you are practically on top of it. No annoying alarm.

PA- There is a park on almost every corner
Utah- One or two parks for a huge neighborhood

PA- Normally not alot of snow. Last year doesn't count because that was not normal.
Utah- Lots of snow, which I am going to miss cause I love it so so so much!

PA- Only about 100 peoplwin my branch
Utah- Way more than 100 in the ward

PA- Aimee, Alex, Cori, Amber, Cybill, Jamie, Nicole, Helena, Robyn, Jeannie.
Utah- My family ( in laws too!) Rachel, Marie, Marina, Melanie, Toni, Kristi, Rhiannon, Brenda, Kimberly, Jeri.

PA- No mountains
Utah- Mountains, Mountains, Mountains, Oh how I love Thee!!!!

PA- Hills, Hills, and more hills, and the roads go every which way. Your on one street and you go around a bend and poof you are on another street. So confusing
Utah- The grid! Give me an address and I can find it. North to South roads and East to West roads.

PA- Rental house
Utah- My house! (that I loved)

PA- My husband and kids
Utah- No husband and kids

PA- Dental school
Utah- No dental school

There are pros and cons in each place. I love Utah and miss it so much but you know what I am starting to like Pittsburgh. A couple of weeks ago I would have never said that but I am saying it now. This is home for the next four years!!!


Alexandria Rammell said...

you forgot a few...

pitt: no ice cream in the winter
Utah: Ice cream in the winter

Pitt: really into holidays. There is a city Christmas lighting ceremony!
Utah: Nothing really like that other then the temple.

Pitt: awesome milk shake shop
Utah: good mexican food

Pitt: Stink bugs
Utah: no stink bugs, but black widows

Pitt: no good burgers
Utah: Five Guys, In N Out, Crown Burger...

Pitt: close to some awesome vacations!!
Utah: Close to boring states. Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming...etc.

just a few to add to your list!!

Bryan and Jamie said...

Awwwh... I feel so lucky to be in your post! :)
Correction for Alex...(might have to email her..)
There is totally a Five Guys. I eat there WAY more than is good for me. We can take an outing there ANYTIME.
Also, yup. I was gonna add to the list: no icecream in winter. (but she beat me to it!)
Also, poor Alex...there are HUGE black widows here. (Maybe I won't tell her that one!)
Last thing...Awning (how do you spell that?
Pitt: Huge metal ghetto porch awning thingys.
Utah/Az: good taste in patio's and porches. With NO metal nasties.

wow. I should make my own list.

Esther said...

I make my lists too but after living in D.C. I have way more pros for Pittsburgh than I ever thought I would. We love it here, mostly for the amount of space we have at the price we pay. It is fabulous.Not looking forward to house hunting again. I did like Utah too but I think the fact that we lived in married student housing the entire time might have put a damper on my loving Utah too much. And Alex, Idaho is not a boring state. I would know I am from there. =)