Monday, October 25, 2010

The house in Pitt!!!!

We are so blessed to have found this house here in Pittsburgh. I believe we were meant to live here. The way that we found out about this house was truly amazing. When we came out to Pitt in June for orientation I literally had 3 days to find a house to live in. Talk about pressure and stress. I looked at alot of homes and was really discouraged. Nothing seemed to jump out at me. There was one night that I broke down and cried, I didn't want to be there, I was never going to find a house. We first were looking to buy a house but it just didn't feel right. Doug and I prayed and decided we needed to rent instead of buy a house, A little stress off but now we had to find a house to rent and there really weren't any in the area we wanted to be in.
The day before we were supposed to leave Amber's neighbor told us of a lady who just moved from her home to a home across the street and didn't know what she was going to do with the house she just moved from. Doug went to talk with her. She wasn't home, but he was able to talk with her brother who told us she would be home the next day, the day we were leaving. Before we went to the airport we went to talk to Jeannie(our landlord). She was amazed, she had been wondering what to do with her house and poof here we were. SHe was more than willing to rent to us, so here we are.
The house is so perfect for us. Lots of room, especially since we have four kids. The only thing that was wrong with it was the PINK walls. Yes you read it right, pink walls with green trim. I hated it, and I didn't think that I could change it since we were renting so for the first couple of weeks I just dealt with it.

The pink Walls

I decided that I would ask my landlady if she would mind if I painted the pink walls to something more neutral. I was a little scared to ask her but what the heck the worst she could say is no. I asked and guess what? She said yes. So it took me two weeks to tape and paint the walls and the trim. I absolutely love the color and it totally transformed the house. It is starting to feel like home. Thak You Jeannie for everything!

The NOT pink walls!!!


Aimee said...

The walls look Fabulous!! Great job :o)

Helena said...

I'm sad I never got to see the pink walls! Could you maybe re-paint them, just for me?

Dawes Family said...

Your house looks amazing! great job